Two tips to follow if you want to make Christmas cards this year

Posted on: 21 December 2021

If you think that it'd be fun to make the Christmas cards you'll be sending to people during the festive season, here are some tips to follow.

Get art supplies that will allow you to add texture to the Christmas cards

You should get a few art supplies that will allow you to incorporate texture into the Christmas cards that you make. For example, you could purchase loose silver, green or red glitter, and sprinkle some of this onto cards that you've applied stick adhesive to. Similarly, you could buy and cut up some green felt to make a Christmas tree shape and then glue it to a piece of card, or you could order some festive ribbon and stick small pieces to the cards.

Unless you are artistically gifted and can create skillfully drawn or painted Christmas images with just a few colouring pencils or paints, your Christmas cards might lack 'pizzazz' if you don't use art supplies that make them more texturally interesting. Adding tactile touches and 3D ornaments will jazz up your cards and ensure that even if, for example, you've had to use a template to draw the Christmas images or have painted some very basic hand-drawn pictures, the recipients will still see and appreciate the work you've put into adding a creative twist to their cards.

Ensure you get some supplies to decorate the envelopes, too

If you'll be going to go to the effort of making Christmas cards for your loved ones, then you might as well decorate the envelopes you send them in, too; this will make your cards stand out from the many others your friends and family will probably receive around Christmastime.

It's best to avoid using felt or other 3D decorations on the envelopes if you intend to post the cards, rather than hand them over to the recipients in person, as there is a chance that these components could get pulled off the envelopes when they're in the post box or carrier's bag.

Instead, you should add a few subtle additions to the envelopes, using paints, coloured pens or pencils. You could, for example, buy some gold or silver paint and add a few ornate flourishes around the address or on the corners of each side of the envelope. These extra artistic touches will make receiving the cards an extra-special experience for the recipients.

For more information, contact a local art supply store.