Key Reasons Wood is the Perfect Material for Customised Picture Frames

Posted on: 18 March 2022

There is more to framing than hanging a piece of artwork on a wall. Once you find a painting you like, choosing the right frame should be your number one priority. It is essential because the right picture frame helps complement your home's interior design. Notably, you have to consider various factors when choosing a custom picture frame, including the choice of material. Wood is a particularly excellent material for making custom picture frames compared to other materials. Here is a look at why wood is highly recommended.

Different Customisation Techniques — One of the biggest advantages of using wood as a custom picture frame is its versatility regarding customisation techniques. Notably, there are various methods of customising picture frames, including engraving, etching, burning and carving. You can easily apply the customisation styles on wood than any other framing material. Furthermore, custom framers can treat wood with an infinite number of finishes, including painting, dyeing and varnishing. For instance, wood can be embellished with paint, laminates or a combination of both. Similarly, custom framers can emboss different patterns on wooden frames using an embossing machine. The high level of versatility in customisation makes wood the go-to material for people looking for a bespoke picture frame.

Variety of Wood Species — Since wood comes from different tree species, its grain patterns and physical properties are unique. For example, some wood species have large grains that resemble the water ripples of an ocean's shoreline. Other wood species have perfectly straight grains end-to-end. Creative custom framers can take advantage of the uniqueness of wood's physical attributes by joining pieces of wood to create a custom frame. For instance, a framer can use the ends of different wood planks to make the four sides of a picture frame. Since end grains differ significantly, each picture frame side will have a unique pattern.

Wider Appeal — Unlike other framing materials, such as metal and glass, wood is universally accepted as a framing material for artwork. It can be attributed to the fact that wood appeals to most people, including custom framers. In fact, the chances are high that you will see more wooden picture frame samples than any other material when you walk into a custom framer's shop. Besides being easy to work with, the patterns and designs on wood frames can easily be accentuated. Moreover, it is cheaper to customise wooden picture frames than metal or glass, especially if you consider the machines needed for the work.

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