5 Reasons Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Is a Great Martial Art For Kids

Posted on: 29 August 2023

Offering the opportunity to keep your child active and entertained, martial arts classes are among the most popular activities for young ones. Of course, there is a wide range from which to choose, so deciding which martial art is right for your child can sometimes be tough. While each option has its own benefits, many parents find that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is the best martial art for children to learn.

Here are just five reasons why.

1. Ideal For All Sizes

Some martial arts will favour older children who are taller and stronger, and that can make some kids feel excluded. However, BJJ is ideal for kids of all sizes. In fact, it's designed to help smaller practitioners overcome larger and stronger ones by using leverage. This means kids who train well and apply the correct techniques can succeed regardless of size.

2. Self-Defence Over Attack

One issue parents often have with martial arts is that kids may use them improperly and end up getting into fights. With BJJ, this isn't a concern. This is a martial art centred around self-defence rather than attack. Kids who learn BJJ will be able to defend themselves, but they won't be trained to hurt other people.

3. Focus on Problem Solving

All martial arts help keep the body active, but BJJ is particularly good at combining physical training with mental exercise. This is because it is very focused on thinking ahead, planning moves, and figuring out how to get out of holds. As such, it's as much about problem-solving and patience as about working up a sweat.

4. Surprisingly Safe

While martial arts have always been popular with children, many parents worry about safety. After all, martial arts seem to involve some risk of injury since they pit two people against each other. However, BJJ is extremely safe. This is partly because it focuses on ground-based grappling, which makes unpleasant falls and twisted ankles unlikely. Additionally, BJJ does not focus on strikes, so there's little risk of one child getting carried away and hitting too hard.

5. Popular and Widespread

Finally, it's worth keeping in mind that BJJ has become one of the most popular martial arts, especially for children. This means it should be easy to find classes that suit your location and schedule. Even if you end up moving to a new part of the country, you should still be able to find BJJ classes in your new area. Since so many children already practice BJJ, there are also a lot of opportunities for socialization and competition.

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